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Randy Fingler – 400 Series!

Randy Fingler receiving award

To some, this may not seem like a big deal.  But in this case, IT DEFINITELY IS !!

Randy Fingler, who is legally blind, received this award for bowling his first-ever 400 series!  He rolled games of 138, 148, and 123, for a 409 series.

He has been bowling in the NorthWest Mixed Blind League for 15 years, and his current average is 108.

Shown above, Peter Wight presenting Randy Fingler (visually impaired) with a 400 series crest.

Congratulations Randy!

Tyler Groening – 300 Game

What a finish!!

Congratulations to Tyler Groening, who, on his last league session of the season, and on his last time bowling as a Youth, AND, on his very last game of the session….

Tyler bowled a perfect game! A 300 game!

Tyler has come close many times, but this was his first-ever sanctioned 300 game!

What a way to end his Youth bowling career!

Marcel Leclerc – 300 Game

A huge Contratulations to Marcel Leclerc for rolling his first career 300 game on Tuesday, Feb 8, 2022, at Laverendrye Lanes in the Laverendrye #3 League.

Leclerc accomplished this in his 2nd game of the night. He rolled game of 151, 300, and 181 for a 632 series. With an average of 161, he was 139 pins over average for that one game, and for his series, he was 149 pins over average. Quite a night!

Beau Basarab – Career High Game and Series

Congratulations to Beau Basarab.

Beau has a 125 average and on Feb 19th, in the Funfer All Explorers League, he rolled his highest game ever – a 202, and a Career High Series of 501.  The League Secretary mentioned that it was on Lanes 7 & 8, which are recognized as one of the tougher pairs.

What a night!  I imagine there will be more special achievements in the future for Beau.

Austyn Ducharme Does it Again !

Well folks, Austyn Ducharme has done it again.  Yes, another 300 game.

On Saturday, Nov 23rd, in the Golfer’s League at Chateau Lanes, Ducharme rolled games of 205, 300, and 248, for a series total of 753 !  He said he used an AMF Sumo bowling ball.  Oh, you never heard of it?  Either did I !!

Congratulations Austyn !

Reid Newbiggin – First Career 300

A huge congratulations to Reid Newbiggin, one of our local youth bowlers, who rolled his first career 300 game in the Youth League at Laverendrye Lanes on Monday, November 25th.

Reid is a two-hander who has developed his game tremendously over the past two years.  He was on lanes 5 & 6, and said that the two lanes were playing so differently from each other.  He said that he had to use two different bowling balls, and was standing 11 boards further left on the left lane than he was on the right.  His scores were 192, 300, and 246, for a 738 series total.

Here’s his words about the perfecto:

“Finally bowled my first 300 game. Wanna say thank you to Earl Sobotkiewicz for coaching me and teaching me and to Michael Schmidt for drilling my awesome equipment and thank you to my awesome girlfriend for recording the final shots for me. Also, thanks to Storm Bowling for the Hyroad (left lane) and Motiv Bowling for the Villain Scorn (right lane)”.

Way to go Reid!  I’m sure there will be many more !

MCBA Grey Cup Pool Ticket Results

Here are the winners from the MCBA Grey Cup Pool Tickets.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thankyou to all for your support !

2019 Grey Cup Winners
East West How Prize Winner
0 0 Automatic winner $25.00 John Rocan
29 29 Automatic winner $25.00 Mark Wojcik
0 6 Score change $25.00 Danielle Yuel
0 7 Score change $25.00 Rita Leclerc
3 7 Score change $25.00 Brian Blackner
3 8 1st Quarter $200.00 P. Tataryn
8 3 1st Quarter – Reverse $100.00 Marcy Gilarski
6 8 Score change $25.00 Ashley Paddy
6 11 Score change $25.00 Jim Clark
6 17 Score change $25.00 Alice, Kathleen, Louie
6 18 Score Change $25.00 Loreen Coutts
6 21 2nd Quarter $200.00 Darren Amerongen
21 6 2nd Quarter – reverse $100.00 Wanda Howard
6 24 Score change $25.00 Wendy Chester
12 24 Score change $25.00 Frank Hunt
12 27 3rd Quarter $200.00 Paul Floyd
27 12 3rd Quarter – reverse $100.00 Rita Leclerc
12 30 (0) Score change $25.00 Dan Tereck
12 33 (3) Final score $1,000.00 Gord Trann
33 (3) 12 Final Score – reverse $100.00 Daisy McTaggart