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Dan Tereck – 750 series

Dan Tereck spared in the Red White & Blue League on Friday, Nov 15, 2019.  Who knew that he was going to have his best 3-game series in many years?

Tereck rolled games of 227, 244, and 279, for a series total of 750!  He used his Motiv  Venom Shock for much of the 1st game, but then switched to his Game Breaker II, and that’s when things really started happening!

The 279 third game was just a 7-pin short of a perfect  game.  But Tereck has no complaints.  He said that “Even a blind squirrel can find the odd acorn!”.

Congrats Dan !

Jon Snyder Does It Again !

On October 29th, Jon Snyder rolled his 2nd career sanctioned 300 game.

Bowling in the Winnipeg Senior Men’s League (Winnipeg’s last remaining scratch league), at Laverendrye Lanes, Snyder rolled his perfecto in his 4th game of the night.

This is special because in this league the teams move to a new pair of lanes each game.  So that means Snyder had no practice shots on this pair of lanes that already had 3 games bowled on it by other teams.  Quite a feat!

Congratulations Jon !!

Austyn Ducharme – Wow!

In the Golfer’s League at Chateau Lanes, on October 19th, Austyn Ducharme bowled his highest series ever, and it included a 300 game as well.

On lanes 7 & 8, he rolled games of 257, 267, and 300 for a series total of 824!  Ducharme said that he used his DV8 Misfit ball for the entire series.

This was his 3rd career perfect game.  We expect there will be more!!

Well done Austyn !

World Cup Provincials – Rocan and Schmidt

World Cup Provincials – Rocan and Schmidt On Top

The World Cup Provincial Tournament was held on May 25th, at Laverendrye Lanes.

When the smoke cleared, it was Brittney Rocan for the Women, and Mike Schmidt, for the Men, who won the right to represent Manitoba at the National Championship in July.   Congratulations to both!  And of course, good luck in the Nationals.


YBC Nationals – Manitoba Team Did Well !

Manitoba Youth Bowlers Perform Well at YBC Nationals

The YBC National Tournament took place in Laval, Quebec from May 4th to 6th.  And Manitoba was represented well by these outstanding athletes.

Front Row: Grace Burton, John De Leon.  Back Row: Mike Boroskae (Coach), Rhea Amante, Marissa Naylor, Israel Potter, Dean Garing, Melody Savage (Coach)

The Girls Combo Team won a Silver Medal, Marissa Naylor, the Senior Girl, won a Gold Medal, and a $1,000 Scholarship.  Rhea Amante (Junior Girl) won a Bronze Medal.  Grace Burton (Bantam) won a Silver Medal, John De Leon (Bantam Boy) won a Bronze Medal, Israel Potter (Senior Boy) finished in 4th, Dean Garing (Junior Boy) tied for 5th, and the Boys Combo Team finished in 4th place.

Congratulations to all on a memorable YBC National Tournament!


Orest Kryschuk – First Career 700 Series

Orest Kryschuk, while bowling in the 200 Club Tournament on April 7, 2019 at Chateau Leanes, rolled his first-ever 700 series.

Orest  had games of 218, 244, and 256, for a series total of 718 in his first 3 games. This was a 4-game tournament, and his 4th game was 178. His average is 184.

A tournament is a great place to roll your career high series.  Here’s hoping for many more to come.

Congratulations Orest !