200 Club Members

The 200 Club consists of any registered bowlers who have ever bowled a game of 200 or better in a sanctioned league.  Once you have accomplished this, you are a 200 Club member for life, and are eligible to bowl in the annual 200 Club Tournament.

Women’s and Men’s 200 Club Members, as of April 4,2019

If you’re not on this list, and should be, please contact the Tournament Director, Wanda Howard – alleykatz@ymail.com

NOTE: Effective the 2014-15 season, this tournament is a MIXED event.

These are additional names added on Apr 4, 2019

Name Gender
Abrazaldo, Tony Male
Barr, Jeffrey Male
Cacapit, Chester Male
Chanthasang, Cola Male
Clow, Daryll Male
Clow, Scott Male
Gavrailoff, Rhonda Female
Gloux, Patrick Male
Gobert, Al Male
Gonzales, Homer Male
Hartle, Rob Male
Hirt, Ken Male
Hirt, Michael Male
Holloway, Graham Male
Inthalangsy, Guy Male
Jones, Dean Male
Kulbacki, Larry Male
Kulczycki, Larry Male
Litman, Louis Male
Padida, Wilsol Male
Phanthavongs, Pat Male
Reichert, Dave Male
Reyes, Junsay Male
Rongavilla, Ro Male
Santos, Danny Male
Santos, Neil Male
Sikich, Dan Male
Sumka, Kevin Male
Touchette, Roland Male
Tutor, Jeff Male
Young, Brittany Female
Last Name First Name Gender
Adriano  Alex Male
Agapito  Edna Female
Agapito  Ruel Male
Aldous  Rick Male
Alfonso Frederick Male
Altasin Ven Male
Amador  Bebot Male
Amante Jan Chester Male
Amante Hermie Male
Andrews  Jared Male
Arabe  Dennis Male
Aran Nestor Male
Armstrong  Addy Female
Artuz  Sam Male
Ashdown Connor Male
Avena Danny Male
Aveno  Danny Male
Bagnall  Tamara Female
Ballesteros Gil Male
Barabash Terry Male
Baranec  Joe Male
Baron  Kathy Female
Baron  John Male
Bautista  Rodell Male
Bautista  Rudy Male
Bautista Rodolfo Male
Bautista Romeo Male
Beniza JR Male
Benke  Wayne Male
Bernardo Eric Male
Biala Gary Male
Bishop Cliff Male
Borle  Jason Male
Boroskae  John Male
Boroskae  Mike Male
Boroskae George Male
Boucher  Evelyn Female
Brezinski  Chris Female
Briones Alex Male
Brown  Sharon Female
Brown  Shirley Female
Bulaong Raul Male
Buote  Pam Female
Busser  Jane Female
Busser  John Male
Cabacungan  Elfie Female
Cabrera John Male
Cacao  Nixon Male
Cadangan  Rey Male
Callender  Paula Female
Calsbeck  Isabel Female
Camaso  Lesley Female
Camaso  Lorina Female
Camaso Fred Male
Camaso Mark Male
Camaso Richard Male
Camaso Richie Male
Carino Zander Male
Carmona Wendell Male
Carnevale  Pat Male
Carpenter Trudy Female
Carpenter  Dave Male
Carrier  Mary Female
Carriere  Brad Male
Carriere  Marcel Male
Cartano Anne Female
Cartano  Jessie Male
Carter  Wenda Female
Casagrande  Lucien Male
Catalan Bernie Male
Catalan John Male
Catalan Lesley Female
Catipon  Roger Male
Catolico Alfie Male
Cayer  Elaine Female
Celones Nelson Male
Chabai Barb Female
Chaban  Connie Female
Chaban  Blair Male
Chekay  Al Male
Clarete  Cachel Female
Clarete Carolina Female
Clarete  Jelson Male
Clark  Annie Female
Clay  Karen Female
Cleofas  Marie Female
Coldwell  Carol Female
Cook Ethan Male
Cooper  Lori Female
Coronado Mervyn Male
Cortvriendt  Marlie Female
Cortvriendt  Darrin Male
Court  Gwen Female
Court  Jim Male
Coutts  Sean Male
Cowan  Larry Male
Crawford  Brittany Female
Crawford Ed Male
Cruz Gerardo Male
Cuevas  Vergilio Male
Cummings  Dawn Female
Cunanan Rowell Male
Damaso  Jun Male
Dauphinais  Ken Male
Davies  Ashley Female
Davies  Mary Female
Decker  Don Male
DeJong  Charlene Female
Delay  Gilles Male
Deley  Jo-Anne Female
Derksen  Stacey Female
Diakowich  Mike Male
Diaz  Jill Male
Dimayuga Nelson Male
Doe  Julia Female
Domingo Ben Male
Domingo  Johnathan Male
Dorge  David Male
Dormuth  Evelyn Female
Downie  Marty Female
Dreikluft  Dennis Male
Dubesky  Karen Female
Dubesky  Kathy Female
Dubesky  Kim Female
Ducharme  Ashleigh Female
Ducharme  Austyn Male
Ducharme Todd Male
Dueck  Terri Female
Dufreane  Kali Female
Dufreane  Pam Female
Dufreane  Rob Male
Dufreane  Ryan Male
Dulay Mike Male
Dyer  Rick Male
Edel  Don Male
Eftoda Gary Male
Egnell  Arlene Female
Elko  Teri Female
Eusebio Jose Male
Everton  Blair Male
Fay  Cam Male
Fay  Len Male
Fenk  Helen Female
Fergusson  Jim Male
Fernanadez Bernie Male
Fernandez  Aileen Female
Fernandez Catherine Female
Fernandez Lou Male
Ferrer Ferdie Male
Filomeno  Richard Male
Franchewski  Shauna Female
Franchewski  Joseph Male
Franchewski  Roy Male
Fry  Rod Male
Furda  Dot Female
Gabay  Charlie Male
Gair  Frances Female
Galang Mario Female
Galapon Roy Male
Gallimore   Isny A. Female
Garofoli  Sal Male
Gauthier  Lynne Female
Gauthier  Roger Male
Gauthier Evan Male
Geli Ramil Male
Ghidoni  Noreen Female
Giesbrecht  Cory Male
Ginter  Kaisey Female
Glover  Jean Female
Glover Tony Male
Goetz  Ernie Male
Gonzales Jaime Male
Gosselin  Vicki Female
Gousseau  Ilona Female
Graham Bruce Male
Graham Bruce Male
Grande  Susan Female
Gregoire  Roger Male
Groening Tyler Male
Guevarra  Leonila Female
Guevarra  Leovie Female
Guevarra  Art Male
Gunness  Maureen Female
Gushulak  Cathie Female
Haaksma  Phil Male
Halama Joan Female
Halama Bradley Male
Halama Ed Male
Hale  Diane Female
Hamilton  Ken Male
Hanek  Todd Male
Harland  Nick Male
Hawrysh  David Male
Hemmerling  John Male
Henzell Colleen Female
Hepworth Syd Male
Hepworth Boyd Male
Herrera  Dory Female
Higgins  Kevin Male
Hinayo  Meliton Male
Hines  Liz Female
Hipolito Enrico Male
Hipolito Norberto Male
Hobbs  Alan Male
Hofsiss  Yolande Female
Howard  Wanda Female
Hrynkow  David Male
Huber Vicki Female
Hudson  Shirley Female
Hunt  Darlene Female
Hunt  Sam Female
Hunt  Frank Male
Hunter Barry Male
Hupe  Mitch Male
Huska  Arnold Male
Huska Arnie Male
Huston  Craig Male
Ilag Junius Male
Ilag Kasey Female
Iwanicki  Randy Male
James  Nora Female
Janezcko Dennis Male
Janzen  George Male
Jarmuske  Dano Male
Jarvie  Mike Male
Jobin Christian Male
Jobin Vincent Male
Johnson  Tyler Male
Jones Corry Male
Kapeluch  Mae Female
Kasdorf Doris Female
Kasprick  Cynthia Female
Keenes Doug Male
Kelly  Barb Female
Kluzinski  Lee Anne Female
Kolt Judy Female
Korkosh Rob Male
Korkosh Riley Male
Korozsi Stephanie Female
Korozsi Eric Male
Kosinski  Brenda Female
Kosinski  Carl Male
Kost  Kathy Female
Kostenuk  Tamara Female
Kostenuk  Randy Male
Kozarsky  Craig Male
Kozinski Carol Male
Krawetz  Martha Female
Krawetz  Tyler Male
Kruk  Ryan Male
Kryschuk Orest Male
Kubas Dalyn Female
Kuboth  Jason Male
Kulczycki  Deena Female
Labelle Rolly Male
Laliberte  Sherry Female
Laschuk  Walter Male
Lazaro Loreto Male
Lemoine  Danielle Female
Letain  Hugh Male
Lewis  Kira Female
Lewis  Marg Female
Lim  Wilson Male
Limuaco Pocholo Male
Loewen  Pat Female
Logan  Stephen Male
Lomonaco  Alf Male
Lopez Marcial Male
Lowry  Rick Male
Lucman  Lydia Female
Ludke  Jason Male
Macapagal Tony Male
Machinski  Sharon Female
Machinski  Michael Male
MacKay  Rod Male
Mackay Rod Male
Mackenzie  Stewart Male
Magtoto Francis Male
Main Jim Male
Mallare Arnel Male
Manalastas Fedr Male
Manuel Cornelio Male
Marasigan Michael Male
Marasigan Jordan Male
Marchak  Dale Male
Marinelli  Denis Male
Marko  Marion Female
McCarthy  Ed Male
McCarthy  Paul Male
McClintock  Glen Male
McCormick Mike Male
McKee  Janette Female
McLean  Gerri Female
McNabb  Brandon Male
McNabb  Gary Male
McVicar  Samantha Female
McVicar  Allan Male
Miaral Oliver Male
Miller  Margaret Female
Milnes  Rose Female
Mok  Philip Male
Molinski  Geri Female
Molinski  Ron Male
Monasterski  Barbara Female
Morin  Suzanne Female
Morley  Lorenda Female
Muth  Brad Male
Nagutom  Bert Male
Napoles Violeta Female
Napoles Angel Male
Naylor  Marissa Female
Naylor  Liam Male
Newbiggin Reid Male
Neyedly  Ed Male
Normand  Elaine Female
Nose  Amanda Female
Novoz  Odette Female
Nykoluk  Marshall Male
Ocampo Joseph Male
Ocharuk  Don Male
Ocharuk  Jim Male
Omaga  Edwin Male
Omaga  Justin Male
Ordonio  Derick Male
Ordonio Frank Male
Orillaneda Edward Male
Oserin Lino Male
Pagtalunan Do Male
Pang Bruce Male
Pedrosa Lito Male
Peratero Victor Male
Perez  Elpidio Male
Perez Elpidio Male
Perkin  Randy Male
Perreault  Clem Male
Perreaux Dan Male
Pielahn  Elke Female
Pielahn  Uwe Male
Pitsanuk  Tim Male
Plamondon  Odile Female
Polsky-McIntosh  Bailee Female
Porth Faith Female
Proulx Eric Male
Prusak  Charlie Male
Puhach  Judy Female
Quint  Bud Male
Ramilo  Ronald Male
Ramos Oscar Male
Rawluk  Brenda Female
Rawluk  Randy Male
Read  John Male
Reavely  Neil Male
Redublo  Linnea Female
Reginales  Annie Female
Reginales August Male
Rempel  Debbie L. Female
Renaud  Evelyn Female
Richard  Bev Female
Richard  Steve Male
Richardson Buff Male
Ridgedale  Craig Male
Ridgedale  Jeff Male
Rioux  Angela Female
Rioux  Denise Female
Rioux   Rachelle Female
Rivard  Patricia Female
Robinson  Terry Male
Rocan Brittney Female
Rocan Bradley Male
Ross  Tammy Female
Ross  Doug Male
Ross  Randy Male
Rougeau Blaine Male
Rousseau  Joseé Female
Salazar  Marita Female
Saltel  Val Female
Samiento Joe Male
Sanderson  Sylvia Female
Santiago Wilfredo Male
Santos  Estela Female
Santos  Paul Male
Santos Nestor Male
Saqui Hershey Female
Saqui Herlene Female
Saqui Marvin Male
Saria Celso Male
Savage  Melody Female
Savage John Male
Sayson Adelfo Male
Sayuno Ricardo Male
Scerbo  Robbie Male
Schmidt  Mike Male
Schwarz  Peter Male
Scollan  Jim Male
Scott  Anne Female
Scott  Helena Female
Scott  Steven Male
Sebastian Lamberto Male
Seewald  Daniel Male
Seewald  Leo Male
Sewald  Lynda Female
Shewchuk Kaylee Female
Sicotte  Renee Female
Sicotte  Grant Male
Silvari  Claudio Male
Skrypnyk  Tina Female
Slobodzian  Harvey Male
Smallwood  Lance Male
Smith Bud Male
Smith Justin Male
Snyder  Jon Male
Snyder  Steve Male
Sobotkiewicz  Earl Male
Sokoloff  Lori Female
Sokoloff  Nick Male
Solimka  Debbie Female
Solimka  Vince Male
Sommerville  Patrick Male
Sorby  Jason Male
Soriano  Jean Female
Soriano  Mark Male
Soriano  Narciso Male
Sotto Maria Liberty Female
Sotto Ferdinand Male
Spokes  Shelly Female
Stasyszyn  Darren Male
Stocki  Rick Male
Storozuk  Violet Female
Sulit  Gilda Female
Sulit  Rufino Male
Sylvester  Rose Female
Sylvestre  Lynn Female
Sylvestre  Valerie Female
Sylvie  Lydia Female
Talaniz Bex Male
Talgoy  Kevin Male
Tataryn  Sharon Female
Teichroeb  Kim Female
Tereck  Linda Female
Tereck  Dan Male
Tereck  Gord Male
Terron  Penny Ann Female
Thompson Larry Male
Tolentino  Lita Female
Townsend Brant Male
Treavor  Lilian Female
Trinidad Joe Male
Tuck  Angela P. Female
Tumang Rey Male
Valde  Lynn Female
Valete Nestor Male
Valete Ricardo Male
Van Kleek  Nadine Female
Vannevel  Frances Female
Vautour Henri Male
Viegas  Danielle Female
Visarra Ryan Male
Wakeman Peggy Female
Wallmuth Kathy Female
Waskul Alex Male
Watson Kerrie Female
Webb Alicia Female
Webster  Darcy Male
Wight  Patricia Female
Wight  Peter Male
Williams  Diane Female
Wojcik  Mark Male
Woods  Fe Female
Wozny  Jeffery Male
Wray Barb Female
Yakel  Dave Male
Yamron  Elaine Female
Yaworski  Kathleen Female
Young  Christy Female
Young  Eleanor Female
Young  Lloyd Male
Young  Robert Jr Male
Young  Robert Sr Male
Young Lloyd Male
Young Richard Male
Zihrul Candace Female
Zolondek  Debbie Female
Zumel Elizabeth Female
Zumel  Karl Male