Kyle Tabo-oy – 1st Career 300 Game!

Congratulations to Kyle Tabo-oy (aka Derrick) for bowling his very first 300 game.

It happened on Saturday, April 1st in the Mabuhay Mixed Bowling League, at Laverendrye Lanes. The perfecto was in his 2nd game. His scores for the session were 211, 300, and 170, for a series total of 681.

This is Kyle’s first season of bowling in a league. And he only recently started regularly bowling. He started the sport in August, 2021, thanks to his fiancee, Geraldine, and they came out to the lanes pretty regularly for open play, until he felt that he (they?) was ready to commit to bowling in a league. He (They) actually joined two leagues, where he averages 163 and 170. So, a 300 game is quite an achievement for him.

Kyle said “To be honest I still think it never happened haha! Kinda funny that it happened on April 1st too and people thought it was a joke. Would just like to say thanks to everyone for a great year of bowling. Also special thanks to Geraldine (please buy me more bowling balls).


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