Dan Tereck – 700 Series – Finally

Dan Tereck has been fairly consistent in the 59er’s League this season, with a low series of 570 and a high series of 659 in the first 17 weeks.  That is both good and bad.  It is good in that consistency is something you strive for in bowling and you don’t suffer those bad “lows”.  But it is bad because you don’t get to experience the exhilarating “highs” either.

Well, Tereck got a bit of that feeling in week 18, Jan 9th.  In the 3rd game of the night, he strung the first 8 strikes, and finished the game with a score of 278. That, coupled with his first two games of 217 and 206 gave him a series total of 701.

Yahoo!!   Way to go Dan !