YBC Nationals – Manitoba Team Did Well !

Manitoba Youth Bowlers Perform Well at YBC Nationals

The YBC National Tournament took place in Laval, Quebec from May 4th to 6th.  And Manitoba was represented well by these outstanding athletes.

Front Row: Grace Burton, John De Leon.  Back Row: Mike Boroskae (Coach), Rhea Amante, Marissa Naylor, Israel Potter, Dean Garing, Melody Savage (Coach)

The Girls Combo Team won a Silver Medal, Marissa Naylor, the Senior Girl, won a Gold Medal, and a $1,000 Scholarship.  Rhea Amante (Junior Girl) won a Bronze Medal.  Grace Burton (Bantam) won a Silver Medal, John De Leon (Bantam Boy) won a Bronze Medal, Israel Potter (Senior Boy) finished in 4th, Dean Garing (Junior Boy) tied for 5th, and the Boys Combo Team finished in 4th place.

Congratulations to all on a memorable YBC National Tournament!