Denis Marinelli – He’s Back !

Marinelli is Back !!!

Denis Marinelli, who is a well-known local bowler, has returned to bowling after a two-year absence.  His goal when he stopped bowling was to rehabilitate and strengthen his back, which had been giving him serious problems, and then try bowling again.

Well, I’d say that he has done a great job.  In less than two months back at the lanes, this smooth left-hander has returned to form.  On Wed, Oct 17th, in the 59’ers League at Chateau Lanes, Marinelli rolled a terrific 792 series, with games of 267, 268, and 257.  And he has done this by just “easing himself back in to bowling”, as this is his only league at this time.  I guess it’s like riding a bike – you never forget.

Congratulations Denis, and welcome back!!