News – 2017-2018

Korozsi Rolls Her First Career 600 Series!

In the MBA Youth Team Challenge tournament that was held on April 14th, Stéphanie Korozsi achieved a milestone in her bowling career.  She rolled her first-ever 600 series.  And helped her team win the Gold Medal in the tournament as well.

This talented bowler, who one coach affectionately called “The Spare Queen” for several years, has made several changes to her game this year, which are (obviously) paying off!

Congratulations Stéphanie !








Youth Team Challenge Champions

On Saturday, April 14th, the Manitoba Bowling Association ran a Youth Team Challenge tournament.  The Gold Medal champions are shown below.  Congratulations to all !

L-R – Brittney Rocan, Stephanie Korozsi, Kristen Jolly, Shawn Adam, Earl Sobotkiewicz (coach)












Kristen Jolly rolls a New Career High Game

Kristen Jolly, who has become quite a force in the Youth Program (she is a Junior), bowled her highest single game ever in her league on Monday, April 9th, at Laverendrye Lanes.

It was a 268 !!!   And by the way, she also had a Clean Series for the night too!  Sounds like she’s getting primed for the upcoming Youth Nationals!   Congratulations Kristen!






Another new 200-Club Member !!


Congratulations to Walter Chaban for bowling his first 200 game om January 19th.  It was actually a 202.

Walter can usually be found working at Bowl  Below – he’s always smiling, and always willing to help carry bowling balls up and down the stairs,

And sometimes, rather than just working, he’s bowling in leagues.

Congratulations again Walter.  And welcome to the Club!!


First Career 700 Series for Groening

Tyler Groening, bowling in the 59er’s League on March 28th, rolled his first-ever 700 series.  And he didn’t JUST make it – he bowled 749!  His games were 255, 278, and 216. Wow!  He said he used his Motiv Cool ball for the entire series.  This could become his favorite ball!

Not only that, it was during the league’s roll-offs.  His scores helped his team capture first place in the Consolation side.












Another New 200 Club Member !

Congratulations to Colleen Henzel, who bowled her first-ever 200 game on Wed, March 28th. She did this in the 59er’s League at Chateau Lanes.  And it was during the roll-offs!  Colleen’s 200 game (on the button), along with the rest of the XXX-T team’s great performance that night, propelled them to 1st place and the 2017-18 Roll-Off Champions!

L-R – Colleen Henzel, Arnie Huska, Warren Moran, Dorothy Wojcik, Mark Wojcik

The Davis’s are Hot!

Thanks to Shauna Franchewski for this…

1. On February 3 during the Golfer’s League at Chateau, Kyle Davis bowled a 270 game, which was 100 pins over average. He’ll be getting a watch from CTF for that accomplishment!

2. Then on Sunday, March 26th, during the Eric Young Memorial tournament, Michelle Davis, only in her second year ever bowling, bowled all her games over 100 for the first time, going 75 pins over average, all while setting some other personal records – she bowled her second highest single game ever and her highest three-game series ever. Along with that Kyle Davis (yes they are husband and wife) bowled 125 pins over average. Together the two held our team stay in the hunt.

Raul Bulaong – 300 Game

Congratulations to Raul Bulaong, a smooth left-hander, who rolled a perfect game on Friday, March 10th  (I think this is the correct date), in the Friday Pinoy League at Bowl Below.

Sobotkiewicz Receives a Chateau Lanes “300 Pin”

Ron Molinski, Earl Sobotkiewicz

Earl is shown here receiving his “300 pin” from Chateau Lanes for the 300 game that he rolled on January 21st, during an Adult-Youth Doubles Tournament.

Although Earl has bowled four previous perfect games at Chateau, this was his first one since Chateau Lanes began their tradition of presenting a “300 pin” to bowlers who throw a perfecto in their house.

Congratulations Earl !


Verner Does it Again! – Good News and Bad News

The Good News – Well, exactly 2 months after his first career perfect game, Rick Verner did it again, shooting a 300 game on March 8th.  And now he knows that the first one wasn’t just “a flash in the pan” !

The Bad News – Verner accomplished this feat while pre-bowling.  And unfortunately, that means it is not eligible for CTF honour score recognition.

But the WTBA wanted to at least give Rick some recognition for his repeat performance. We thought posting it here was a good way to do that !

Congratulations again Rick !



B’Nai Brith – Interfaith Model Passover  Seder

B’Nai Brith, the major sponsor for the WTBA Annual Tournament, has an upcoming event that might interest some people.  It is an “Interfaith Model Passover Seder” event, where  people of all faiths are welcomed to gather for a Passover Meal, and to learn about this Jewish traditional event.  The date is Thursday, Mar 15th. To see the poster for all the details, click here.


First 200 Game and First 500 Series – Ever!

Congratulations to Connor Ashdown, who reached two new career milestones on February 26th.

The 142-average bowler, rolled his first-ever 200 game, and his first-ever 500 series (513 total) while competing in the Laverendrye II League at Laverendrye Lanes.  His 200-game also won him a “Clean Game Award”

Congratulations Connor!


Another Follow-up!  Carriere Receives Ring

Marcel Carriere rolled his first-ever 800 series on November 8th, in the Fifty-Niners League at Chateau Lanes.  This was a news item earlier on this website.

He is shown here receiving the ring (gold, with diamonds) from our Winnipeg Association Executive Director, Ron Molinski.

Congratulations again Marcel!!


Follow-up: Verner Gets His Ring!

On December 8th, Rick Verner rolled his first-ever 300 game (scroll down to see the news item).  He is shown here receiving his 300 ring from Ron Molinski, the Winnipeg Association Executive Director.


Another Bowler Joins the “200 Club”  – Ed Halama

Congratulations to Ed Halama, who had a great night bowling in the Laverendrye II League on Monday, Feb 5th.

Ed bowled his first-ever 200 game, and a 559 series.  Entering the night with a 142 average, means that Ed shot 133 pins over his average for the night.  Great job!


Vince Solimka – Powers Team to 1st Place in the Standings

Vince Solimka, bowling for the Advance Tent and Awning team in the 59ers bowling league on Jan 31st, had a night to remember!

Utilizing a new strategy on the lanes, he rolled games of 221, 246, and 249 for a series total of 716 !  His first 700 series of the season!  Going into the night, his average was 184, so he bowled 164 pins over average !!  I think he’ll be sticking with that new strategy!

And on a side note, as if the smile on his face wasn’t already big enough, later that night he found out that he became a grandfather for the 3rd time.  She was born just after midnight.

Congratulations Vince!  …in every way !!


Barb Chabai – First Career 200 Game and 500 Series

Barb Chabai, bowling in the Laverendrye II League on Monday, Jan 22nd, reached a major milestone – her first-ever 200 game, AND, her first-ever 500 series.

This 136-average bowler rolled an even 200 game (see pic for details), and a 515 3-game series.

Congratulations Barb!



Bruce Graham – First 200 Game of the Season

Way to go Bruce.  After having a 199 game earlier in the season, he finally broke that 200 barrier.  On Wednesday, Jan 17th, in the 59ers League at Chateau Lanes, Bruce rolled a 209 game!  There’s no stopping this 147-average bowler now!


Trudy Carpenter – 93 pins over average!

Congratulations to Trudy Carpenter, while bowling in the 59ers League at Chateau Lanes on Jan 17th, rolled a fantastic 247 game!  93 pins over her 154 average!  So close to that 100-over watch award from CTF!

Trudy joined the league part way through the season.  We are certainly glad she did!


Debbie Solimka Holds Her Team Together

Debbie Solimka, a 142-average bowler, came through to help her team vault into first place in the quarter after the 59’ers League Jan 19th session.  She rolled her first 200 game of the season – a 206 – and played a major part in the team’s 1200+ 3rd game total.

Oh, and by the way, she was the high score on the team for the game!!


Val Saltel – 106 pins over average!

Congratulations to Val Saltel for rolling a 268 game on Monday, Jan 15th, in the Laverendrye II League.  That’s 106 pins over her 162 average, and qualifies her for a “100-over” watch award from CTF.

Val said she was “in the zone”, which is ironic, since she used her Brunswick Danger Zone bowling ball for that game.  She started with the first 5 strikes, then left a 6-pin (“bit of a tug”, she said), which she spared. And then 4 more strikes, and left a 10-pin on her next shot, which she spared.  And she ended up bowling a 616 3-game series, which is 130 pins over her average for the night!  Well done Val!


Another New 200 Club Member !!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Wendell Carmona (from the Mabuhay Mixed League).

He was bowling in the WTBA/MBA Annual, on Sunday, Jan 7th, at Laverendrye Lanes, and lo and behold, Wendell rolled his first 200 game – EVER !!

Well done Wendell.  And to do that in a tournament is even more amazing !!

For submitting this, Helen Fenk gets ANOTHER entry into our draw!


Are you going to the bowl in the WTBA-MBA Annual Tournament??

The right answer is YES !

The dates are Sunday, Jan 7; Sunday, Jan 28, and Sunday, Feb 4th.

Check out the poster!  Click here!


Vincent Jobin Rolls an Awesome Career High Series

On December 12, 2017, in the Bowl Below Youth League, Vincent Jobin was on fire!
This classic-styled left-hander, who is an Intermediate, threw games of 267, 265, and 210 for a terrific career high series total of 742 !
We predict that the bowling world will be hearing a lot about Vincent in the future!
Congratulations !

Kristen Jolly – It’s All About Consistency !

 On October 29th, 2017, in the Bowl Below Youth League, Kristen Jolly, a Junior, for the first time, bowled all three of her three league games over 200.
She bowled games of 202, 235, and 206 for a career high series of 643.
Kristen will be a force in her Division this year!
Well done!

Rick Verner – FINALLY !!

Congratulations to Rick Verner, a long-time (and I mean long) local bowler who finally bowled his first 300 game!  This smooth left-hander has been close soooo many times in the past, but never was able to close the deal.  Until now!

On December 8th, in the Circle O league at Laverendrye Bowl, Verner was bowling on lanes 7 & 8 (not the easiest pair in the centre).  He started off with a so-so 180 game, and then started his 2nd game.  He said he wasn’t real happy with what his ball was doing, so in the 7th frame, he switched to another bowling ball, and ended up with a 195.

He now looks like a genius, because with that new ball, he then went on to throw 12 strikes in his 3rd game.   Verner said “I felt some nerves – you know, that “anxious” feeling – in the 10th frame, but just tried to stay focused as much as possible.  And to tell you how my mind was working (or not), when my ball hit and struck for the 12th strike, for just an instant, I wasn’t sure if I had to throw another one!  But when the crowd erupted, I knew that was it!  It felt so good!”



Ed Crawford Rolls his First 200 Game !

On Monday, Dec 4th, Ed Crawford shot his first 200 game of his career!

This left-hander (everybody loves lefties, right?), bowling in the Laverendrye II League, was excited to finally join the “infamous” 200 Club!

Crawford’s average is 134, so shooting a 200 game is definitely a great accomplishment.

Congratulations Ed!!


Watson Rolls a Perfect Game

On Sunday, Nov 26th, Kerrie Watson rolled her second sanctioned 300 game.  This one was on lanes 3 & 4 at Laverendrye Lanes (her first one was at Academy Lanes West).

Kerrie also had a great series – 300, 196, and 276 for a 772 total.

Congratulations Kerrie !


Perreault Receives his 800 and 300 Awards

Earlier this season, Clem Perreault bowled a 279 triplicate, for an 827 series in the Red, White, and Blue League at Chateau Lanes.

Two weeks later, in the same league, he bowled a perfect game – the first time he has done it at that centre.

Today, November 24th, Ron Molinski, our Association’s Executive Director, presented Clem with his 800 ring and his 300 plaque.

Congratulations Clem. You are like a good wine – getting better with age!

Editor’s Note: And yet more entries into our draw : Thanks to Helen Fenk and Val Saltel for their submission.


4-6-7-9 Split?  No problem for Moran

Who says you can’t make a 4-7-9-10 split? Warren Moran sure did.
While bowling in his Laverendrye #2 League at Laverendrye Lanes in November. Moran left this rather ugly split.
Moran, who averages in the mid 140’s,  said after converting the spare, “That was a once-in-a-lifetime shot for me. Holy s***.  I can’t believe I actually made that!”
Great shot Warren!  Remember how you did it, in case it ever comes up again!
Editor’s Note: And more entries into our draw : Thanks to Helen Fenk and Val Saltel for their submission.


WOW!!   Carrierre Rolls an 825 3-Game Series !!!

On Wednesday, November 8th, Marcel Carriere walked in to Chateau Lanes to bowl with his LTF team in the 59’ers League.  Little did he (or anyone else) know what was in store for him!

In his first game, he started off with a triple, and then in the 4th frame, had a 9-count, and successfully spared it. And then proceeded to throw strikes for the rest of the game, ending up with a 279 game.

In his second game, he once again started off with a triple, and in the 4th frame, threw an 8-count and spared that. And then, once again, proceeded to throw 8 more strikes, ending up with a 278 game.

In his third game, he did something different.  He started off with the first 8 strikes, and in the 9th, left an 8-count, which he once again spared. And with a strike and a spare in the 10th frame, he ended off with a 268 game.

That gave Marcel his first career 800 series – a blistering 825 !!

Congratulations Marcel !!

Editor’s Note: And more entries into our draw : Thanks to Helen Fenk and Lorna Lisowski for their submission.



Have you or one of your teammates bowled a Clean Game? No, I don’t mean did you bowl a game without using foul language, although that might be a feat in itself for some bowlers.  In bowling, a clean game refers to bowling a strike or a spare in every frame.  Or better yet, a Clean Series (yes, that means no “opens” in all three games).

What about a Triplicate – three games in a row with the exact same score? Or a single game that is 100 pins or more over average? Has someone bowled their first 200 game or perhaps a 300 game or maybe somewhere in between?

Or maybe, there’s a unique or interesting story about one of our local bowlers that warrants some publicity.

Whatever the special accomplishment or story, we’d love to hear about it! We can celebrate it with you, as well as share it with the bowling community via our Facebook group, our Winnipeg Tenpin Bowling Association / Manitoba Bowling Association website, the Manitoba Tenpin Federation Frame by Frame quarterly newsletter, and maybe even the bimonthly CTF Connection newsletter. By publicizing these milestones, it lets other bowlers know that these things are within their reach too.

To encourage you to share your achievements, or those of your fellow bowlers, the WTBA will be giving one lucky person a $100 gift certificate to the Pro Shop of their choice (Chateau or Laverendrye).

The rules are simple. For every story you submit to the WTBA (either through Dan Tereck at or Wanda Howard at until July 31, 2018, will get you an entry into the draw. The draw will take place at the WTBA Annual General Meeting, following the Presidents/Secretaries meeting at 6:00pm Thursday, August 16, 2018 at the Sport for Life Centre, 145 Pacific Ave. You don’t have to be in attendance to win, but we’d sure love to see you there! You must belong to CTF (Canadian Tenpin Federation) in order to be eligible.

And we encourage and appreciate pictures with the stories as well.  But remember – you should ask if the person agrees to having their picture posted in these newsletters and on social media.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your story now!


Welcome to the 200 Club Doris!

Congratulations to Doris Kasdorf who bowled a 205 and her first-ever 200 game.  This happened on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, in the 59er’s League at Chateau Lanes.
“I never thought I would bowl a 200,” commented Doris, “Now I have done it and feel overwhelmed.  I must admit that I was quite nervous at the end!”
Well Done Doris!


Perreault is on a Roll


Congratulations to Clem Perreault bowling a 300 game at the Red, White & Blue bowling league on October 6th, 2017.

This is his first 300 game to be bowled at Chateau Lanes. “I seldom use this ball, Columbia Wicked Encounter”, commented Clem.

There was a lot of cheering and excitement when Clem delivered the strike on the 12th frame.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer  guy!

WOW!! Congratulations to Linda Tereck who bowled a “266” game (131 pins over average) in the 59’ers League at Chateau Lanes, Sept. 27/17.  This feat qualifies her to receive a “100 pins over” watch from the Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF).

Linda commented, “I am so happy & excited…this is my highest game ever”


Perreault Bowls A Fantastic Triplicate!

On September 15th, 2017, Clem Perreault of the Red, White and Blue Bowling League at Chateau Lanes, bowled an awesome triplicate of 279, 279 and 279.

First game on the 10th frame, Clem left a 9 pin and spared it, second game the same leave and in the third game a 10 pin in the 9th followed by a triple.

“It just feels fantastic. I had three chances for a perfect game,” commented Clem.

The 3 game series of 837 is the fourth highest bowled in the history of 10 pin bowling in Manitoba. Clem bowled a 813 series at La Verendrye Lanes in 1994 breaking the Manitoba record at the time. “It just feels great to be able to bowl this well in retirement”!

Next week Clem will be celebrating his 25th anniversary win of the Bowling World Cup National Championships held in Winnipeg September 17-19, 1992!

Congratulations Clem!