Marinelli City Singles – 2023

Congratulations to Mitch Hupé , the winner of the 2023 Marinelli City Singles, shown here receiving his winnings from Ron Molinski, the Tournament Manager.
He received $500.00 and a ring donated by the Winnipeg Tenpin Bowling Association.

Saturday (Day 1) was qualifying, at LaVerendrye Bowling Lanes, with the Top 16 moving on to the Finals on Sunday, at Chateau Lanes.
High Qualifier – Earl Sobotkiewicz – 1428 – $50.00
High Game – Dan Tereck – 280 – $25.00

The entries were up from 38 at the last Marinelli, to 42 this season!
The format was the same as last season, with the number of games in the qualifying round at 6 games.  As usual, the Top 16 moved on to the finals, with two Divisions of 8 competing in 7 games of round robin match play, and then a 8th game, which was a position round of all 16 bowlers. The Top 5 after the position round went into a stepladder final.

In the Stepladder Finals:
Gord Tereck defeated Johnathan Domingo             189 – 182
Mitch Hupé  defeated Gord Tereck                           237 – 188
Mitch Hupé defeated Austyn Ducharme                 226 – 158
Mitch Hupé defeated Israel Potter                           290 – 200

The lowest game the first day was 118 and the highest was 280.
The lowest game the second day was 165 and the highest was 290 x 2.

We would also like to recognize the Runner-up, Israel Potter (shown at right with Ron Molinski), who was leading the field in the Finals from the 2nd game on, but eventually lost in the final Stepladder game to Hupé.  Israel is only 20 years old and based on his performance here, is destined to be another one of our great Manitoba bowlers!

We would also like to thank our sponsors without your gener osity the Marinelli tournament would not have been the success it was and is:
Denis Marinelli, Jim Stevens, Lucien Custom Woodwork Ltd., Chateau Bowling Lanes, S. D. Q. LaVerendrye Bowling Lanes, Dan Tereck, Gord Tereck, and The Winnipeg Tenpin Bowling Association.