14th Association Challenge – 2018


Winnipeg Reclaims the Title !!

The Association Challenge was hosted by the Winnipeg Tenpin Bowling Association this year. The challenge rotates every year between the three associations – next year it is in Brandon. It is a fun tournament and there is no prize money given out but there is a plaque that is given out for bragging rights for the winning Association.

Salle de Quilles LaVerendrye  Bowling Lanes was the venue this year. Thanks to Stew MacKenzie and the staff for the excellent service they provided.

Thanks to Ken Burns from the Manitoba Tenpin Federation for giving us all the promotional items that were given out for each bowler as a memory of the day.
Thanks to Pat Wight who baked all the desserts for the dinner after the tournament and I might add there was left-overs and bowlers were treated by taking some home.
Thanks to Pat Wight and Peter Wight – when the supper was over they took all the food that was left over to Winnipeg’s Main Street Project.  Job well done.

A big thank-you to Tamara Bagnall, one of our newest Winnipeg Association Directors, who also got a lot of door prizes from Ashern Hotel. Thanks to Ron Molinski that ran the tournament in the absence of Wanda Howard and to Pat Wight that helped and sold 50/50 tickets. Wally Matskiw won the 50/50.

Another motivator was that each lane had a red pin, and whenever it was the headpin, and the bowler got a strike, they received a lottery ticket.  50 tickets were given out, and we hope there were some big winners!!

Thank-you to Wanda Howard who arranged the catered meal, picking up extras for the meal and coordinating the rosters for all the teams from all the associations.

The tournament ran well and everyone had fun with a lot of great games and series.

Congratulations to the following bowlers that received Tim Horton’s gift cards.
High Game Scr: Marshall Nykoluk 234, Helen Fenk 200
Low Game Hdcp: Len Howell 173, Kim Karlicki 174
High Series Scr: Phil Haaksma 1068, Helen Fenk 879
High Series Hdcp: Phil Haaksma 1283, Tamara Bagnall 1203
Congratulations to Kim Karlicki who bowled an All Spare game of 182.
The low game of the tournament was 95 and the high game was 234.

After supper the presentation of the bragging plaque TO WINNIPEG took place.

This year Winnipeg was victorious and it is believed that they set a new record for the highest series total (9085) since the tournament started 14 years ago.  I am sure if I am wrong someone will correct me.  Also Winnipeg Team 1 had a 1001 game with hdcp breaking the previous record set by Dauphin (1000).

Congratulations to everyone !!!

Winnipeg Team Members
Team 1: Helen Fenk, Ron Molinski, Geri Molinski, Tamara Bagnall, Pat Wight
Team 2: Lynda Seewald, Phil Haaksma, Marshall Nykoluk, Peter Wight

Dauphin Team Members
Team 1: Ray Lebel, Dan Swintak, Rhonda Boulbria, Jason Kindlein
Team 2: Tracy Scott, Ralph Piasta, Kim Gudmundson, Jody Scott

Brandon Team Members
Team 1: Bob Freeman, Sandy Vanderhulst, Rosa Van de Mosselair, Derek Radics
Team 2: Len Howell, Amanda Matskiw, Kim Karlicki, Wally Matskiw

Teams             Gm 1   Gm2    Gm3    Gm4    Gm5    Total

Winnipeg 1    851      889     1001      872      934      4547
Winnipeg 2     841      965      907      912      913      4538
Total                                                                               9085

Dauphin 1      829      882      917      799      820      4247
Dauphin 2      856      851      926      798      807      4238
Total                                                                               8485

Brandon 1      788      772      877      829      843      4109
Brandon 2       831     903      870      843      766      4213
Total                                                                               8347

Winnipeg (L-R): Lynda Seewald, Helen Fenk, Phil Haaksma, Geri Molinski, Tamara Bagnall, Peter Wight, Patricia Wight, Ron Molinski.  Missing: Marshall Nykoluk

Dauphin (L-R): Dan Swintak, Kim Gudmundson, Ray Lebel, Tracy Scott, Rhonda Boulbria, Ralph Piasta, Jason Kindlein, Jody Scott

Brandon (L-R): Bob Freeman, Len Howell, Rosa Van de Mosselair, Kim Karlicki, Sandy Vanderhulst, Derek Radics. Missing: Amanda Matskiw, Wally Matskiw