Hal Ross Doubles – Nov 11,2016

The annual Hal Ross Doubles took place on Nov 11th (as usual), at Laverendrye Lanes. There was a total of 14 doubles teams entered into this double-knockout tournament. The final round, shown below, was between the winners of the “A” side, the brother and sister team of Liam and Marissa Naylor, and the winners of the “B” side, Ryan Kruk and Dan Tereck.  The B-side winners had to beat the A-side winners twice in order to win the Championship. They did.
Congratulations to Ryan Kruk and Dan Tereck, this year’s winners of the Hal Ross Doubles!

To see all of the scoring details, in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, CLICK HERE.

ROUND 8A ROUND 8B                  TOURNAMENT
Marissa Naylor 211 Marissa Naylor 217                    CHAMPIONS
Liam Naylor 172 383 Liam Naylor 170 387
Dan Tereck 232 Dan Tereck 226
Ryan Kruk 223 455 Ryan Kruk 204 430